XFORCE 4"-3" Downpipe with High-Flow Catalytic Converter

The huge 4” bore pipework and high-flow 100-cell motorsport catalyst combined, drop back-pressure significantly, releasing more power and more torque across the rev-range.
The large flexi maintains reliability by ensuring there’s still plenty of compliance with regards to engine movement and this then finishes with a 3” bore OE break point, meaning it can be used as a direct bolt-on with the OE cat-back system if required.
Due to the substantial reduction in back-pressure, tuning to compliment the additional performance and to turn off the EML is recommended.

  • 4″ downpipe
  • 4″ 100 cell high flow race cat
  • Non polished stainless steel
  • Reduces to 3″ outlet
  • Will bolt to factory standard cat back system
  • Tune is recommended after fitment