Acuity 1-Way / 3-Way Adjustable Performance Shifter Honda Civic Type-R FN2

  • Gear throw can be adjusted from 10%-50% shorter than stock, and gate spacing can be adjusted from 5%-40%* narrower than stock.
  • Shift knob height is adjustable within a 40mm (1.6") range
  • Centering is decisive, snappy, and quiet, thanks to a 100% increase in spring force over stock and padded spring legs.
  • Precision, self-lubricating joints for consistent, quiet operation and stiff, all-metal frame for reduced compliance and improved shift accuracy
    *Exact range varies by vehicle model. See the "Adjustment Specs" section in the description for exact reduction range based on vehicle model.
  • Adjustment Specs

    • Adjustable Shift Knob Height with 40mm (1.6") range. Adjusts between 25mm taller and 15mm lower than stock on '06-'08 Civic Si's. Adjusts between 10mm taller and 30mm lower than stock on '09-'11 Civic Si's. Adjusts from stock to 40mm lower on the '07-'11 FD2 and FN2 Civic Type-R.
    • Adjustable Gear Throw can be reduced from 10% to 50% shorter than stock and helps to tune shift throws to your preference for precise, lightning-fast shifts.
    • Adjustable Gate Spacing allows a reduction from 5% to 40% narrower than stock on the '09-'11 Si and '07-'11 FD2/FN2 Type R and 10% wider to 30% narrower than stock on the '06-'08 Si. Gate spacing can be adjusted independently from throw to get a shift feel that's perfect for you.