FEL-PRO PermaDryPlus B-Series Oil Pan Gasket Set. As with any engine, leaks can develop as time and miles go by. The oil pan gasket is a common leak found on the B series engines – unfortunately, many owners or garage may try to tighten the oil pan bolts to stop the leak. This makes matters worse, as the oil pan on these engines have raised dimples that are stamped in the flange to prevent over-compression of the gasket on the assembly line. By tightening the bolts beyond the original torque specification, these dimples can be crushed and the oil pan sealing flange can deform, creating leak paths and will resulting in an even worse leak! At this point, the OE-style oil pan gasket design will no longer work, because it relies on the correct formed dimples to prevent over-compression of the gasket. In this case, there are two options – replace the pan at over £200, or install the new Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus oil pan gasket. Unlike OE-style gaskets for these engines – including many sold within the aftermarket – the new Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus oil pan gasket features a rigid, steel-core construction and built in torque limiters that prevent over-compression of the gasket and overtorquing of the oil pan bolts, even in cases when the flange dimples have been deformed. This new gasket, designed and manufactured in the Fel-Pro Gaskets engineering and manufacturing complex in Skokie, Illinois, uses Fel-Pro’s proprietary molded rubber formulation and precisely located dual sealing beads on each side of the steel core for exceptional sealing performance. Suitable for B-series engines. 

Price: 75€