VUDU VT330R Hybrid Turbo Kit - Ford Fiesta ST180 MK7

We are proud to bring you the ultimate in hybrid turbos. The VT330R has been developed in-house using our years of experience and knowledge when it comes to turbochargers. The VT330R offers reliability with an OEM feel with none of the additional whistles found on other hybrid turbos. 

We have specifically designed this unit with a new AET Proprietary V2 Compressor cover that offers larger internal volume this not only avoids the potential of superheating charged air but offers a greater flow of air at high engine speeds resulting in fantastic power gains without running high boost pressure.

Most important to ensure the longevity and reliability of this OEM+ unit we have moved away from the inherently weak KP39 bearing architecture to the more suitable KO4 journal bearing system found in our VAG range capable of 400hp and more. We have coupled this with an AET Motorsport K14 thrust bearing system.